Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In the Press

Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In the Press

Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV in the press this year with huge media names such as Forbes, Huffington Post, The Today Show and UCSB.

Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In The Press

FORBES | How Not To Fail When You Try Something New

‘Kirsty Spraggon, motivational female keynote speaker, celebrated author and host of KirstyTV recently described how she motivated herself to overcome her conscious incompetence. For her, the stakes were especially high because she bet it all when she moved from Perth to Hollywood. Per Kirsty, “I sold everything I owned. Left Australia. Left a highly successful career. Moved to America with two suitcases to build an online TV show.”

According to Kirsty, “When I first started speaking… I had to be consciously incompetent in front of hundreds of people. But if I had stopped there, I never would have realized my dreams. I wouldn’t have achieved what I wanted to achieve.” ‘ Read the full Forbes article here.



In Utah this past month, I had the opportunity to talk further about my work around secrets and shame on the FOX affiliate morning show ‘The Place’. Did you know that Utah has some of the highest rates of depression, porn use and prescription drug use in the country.

‘When did it become second nature to grab a glass of scotch, pop a pill or inhale a pie? When did it become so hard for us to simply sit with our feelings’.

HUFFINGTON POST| Five Ways to Make Your Dreams Become a Reality

‘I love motivational speaker Kirsty Spraggon’s story. At one time she was at the height of a world class real estate career and knew there was a missing link. She wasn’t truly fulfilling her dreams. Resigning from a lucrative and safe career, she packed two suitcases and moved to L.A. to become what the Today Show calls the next Oprah. It is unfortunately very rare in today’s society to find someone as caring and selfless as Kirsty, because she provides others with a platform to share their inspirational stories. My friendship with Kirsty is the perfect example of how social media can truly be used for the greater good. We have so much in common and she has crossed off a lot of the items on my bucket list. Now it’s my turn! By using her as a positive role model, I can follow in her footsteps as she helps to guide me in following my dreams.’ Read the full article here.


THE TODAY SHOW | KirstyTV – Motivational Female Speaker Kirsty Spraggon, The Next Oprah 


“She is a former real estate agent from Western Australia who’s moved to Hollywood in the hope of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. Robert Penfold caught up with Kirsty in her LA home and her TV studio.” – Today


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA – UCTV | Kirsty Spraggon Womens Speaker Executive Producer and Host of KirstyTV


‘Relationship building expert Kirsty Spraggon is the executive producer and host of KirstyTV, an international speaker, author and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. With 18 years of experience in every facet of the sales industry she has a great deal to share with the UCSB students. Series: “Technology Management Program”



Cosmo Kirsty Spraggon

 Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In The Press

SPEAKER MAGAZINE – Motivational female keynote speaker Kirsty Spraggon Featured on the cover of National Speakers magazine.

National Speakers AssociationNational Speakers Association Magazine

WOMAN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE  feature Kirsty Spraggon.

Kirsty Spraggon Media Press

Y MAGAZINE feature kirsty Spraggon On The Cover

Kirsty Spraggon Cover Press

 Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In The Press


Kirsty Spraggon Press


Kirsty Spraggon Press

HOW TO PRESENT MAGAZINE covergirl Kirsty Spraggon top motivational womens speaker.

Kirsty Spraggon Professional Speaker



Sold Cover

 Sold Magazine KirstyTV Kirsty Spraggon Press

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