Make Positive Changes in Your Life: 5 Roadblocks Hacked

Make Positive Changes in Your Life: 5 Roadblocks Hacked


Make positive changes in your life and bust through 5 common roadblocks. When it comes to change, we’re not always sure what’s getting in our way. From some brilliant psychological research, we’ve found that there are some predictable road blocks—almost like a stage model—that stop us if we are trying to change something in our lives. 

There are 5 key road blocks and 5 key strategies that you can use to get the change that you want.


5 Key Road Blocks:


1. You’re not even thinking about change.

2. You’re thinking about it, but you’re not bought in.

3. You’re bought in, but you’re not really sure what to do.

4. You’ve learned some skills and knowledge; you think you know what to do, but you haven’t created the opportunity to practice them.

5. Even though you’ve put them into practice and you’ve created some change in your life, you don’t have a system that promotes that on-going, long-term change.


5 Things to Do to Get Through These Road Blocks:


1. If you’re not even thinking about it, someone needs to educate you about the reasons why you should change.

2. Get inspired. Find out why this will work for you and look for inspiration.

3. Reach out and find out which expert can help you.

4. Find the opportunity to practice. It takes hard work to create change.

5. Create a system to help you sustain these new practices.

Try to put in some time to figure out where you are in the 5 road blocks and then take the appropriate steps to achieve your positive change!

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