Meet Dr. Sean – “McSteamy” and Dr. Oz in 1

Meet Dr. Sean – “McSteamy” and Dr. Oz in 1

Meet Dr. Sean Richardson, McSteamy and Dr. Oz in 1 awesome guy! He’s so wise and handsome and talented and handsome… and married. He stopped in to share some knowledge on questions I often get from viewers on topics that many deal with on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Dr. Sean on KirstyTV

Make positive changes in your life and bust through 5 common roadblocks. When it comes to change, we’re not always sure what’s getting in our way. From some brilliant psychological research, we’ve found that there are some predictable road blocks—almost like a stage model—that stop us if we are trying to change something in our lives. Read more: Make Positive Changes in Your Life: 5 Roadblocks Hacked



Depression is complex. Are you sad or are you depressed? Dr. Sean explains the early symptoms of depression and how to cope with depression. More on this topic: Depression: Are you sad or depressed?



You might one of those people at home right now, in a dark place. You may have gone to a very dark place and thought about taking your own life. If I were sitting with you right now there are a couple things I would want to say to you. Continue reading: Suicide and First Steps in Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts


One thing is for certain in life; at some point we will all be touched by death at some point. Somewhere along the way we are going to go through the experience of losing someone you love. And it has an impact. Today we are going to talk about how you manage that impact because when you don’t handle it in a healthy way, it can have a long-term negative affect on you.

If you are in that dark space of having lost someone, there might be a few things in here that could be helpful (watch the video for a full explanation of these points):

1. Be kind to yourself. Be nonjudgmental and throw away the rule book, because there are no rules when it comes to grief.

2. When you’ve got to the place where you’ve given yourself the time, you’ve given yourself permission, you’ve allowed yourself to feel your emotions (without judgement), you’ll find the start of acceptance. You don’t have to chase acceptance. It will come naturally when you give yourself permission to go through all of those different emotions.

3. When you get to acceptance, it’s then that you will start to find meaning. Find it’s place, give it some context. Seek that meaning. I can’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to find it for yourself. But don’t seek it too soon. Seek it at the right time.

Following this trajectory will not take away the scar or bring back that person, but it can lead you to living a life that honors the memory of the person lost.


“As a psychologist, I know that one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a human being is to be abused as a child. It’s horrendous. The big problem with it is the life-long scars it creates. The reason it has such an impact is because it’s incredibly confusing. Usually it’s happening at the hands of the caregiver which forces the child to come up with an answers as to why this confusing betrayal is happening to them.”

Dr. Sean explains the lies that abused children believe all the way up until adulthood. And what it takes to have healing and change their lives.


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