Dear Margaret Wheatley – ‘Be Brave Enough To Start A Conversation That Matters’.

Dear Margaret Wheatley – ‘Be Brave Enough To Start A Conversation That Matters’.

Dear Margaret Wheatley, your quote ’be brave enough to start a conversation that matters’ touched the core of my soul & provided me with the courage to speak my truth. Yet I didn’t know anything else about you until yesterday. You most likely have no idea who I am either, yet you have had the most profound impact on my life and our connection has set in motion a ripple effect out into the world.

I printed out that quote and posted it on the front cover of my journal almost 2 years ago and it became a mantra of sorts that I used to live by.

Margaret Wheatley Quote 'Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters'.

Oftentimes, when finding such deeply moving words of wisdom, like with many great quotes I would discover the author was long gone.  I am delighted to find you are very much alive!  I hope you understand my weird Australian humor & directness.

Recently I shared a video with the world titled ‘The Transformational Power Of Truth’ pressing upload was the final act of bravery in starting my conversation that matters. In doing so it got me thinking about you and your quote.

I wanted to talk about the impact your quote had on me, well imagine my surprise when I head to google and find your not only living and breathing but a woman of such substance with the most incredible body of work. I am in absolute awe.

Thank you for writing that quote it became a beacon of light towards which I walked these past year’s.

Whenever I felt uncertain and my faith wavered, my ‘why’ remained strong and steady. I would remind myself that I wanted to be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

That, that is the truth of the kind of person I wan’t to be. A woman of substance, a woman of vulnerability, a woman of courage. Just like the woman who would write such a quote.

Those words pulled me forward and shaped who I became in the process of finding the courage to speak my truth. The first time was in a TEDx talk called ‘You’re Only As Sick as Your Secrets’, wow, that was scary but in some ways still a safe environment. Having the courage to have the conversation that mattered with leaders and CEO’s of Fortune 500’s we’ll that was a whole other thing, a level of vulnerability I was scared of, until I wasn’t. My bravery muscle grew.

Thank you for lending me some bravery through your words. They resonated with every fibre of my being and held me on course, towards my truth. You are most likely the seed of so many conversations that matter. The little push that people needed to find their bravery.

I hope you will enjoy the video below, the conversation I was brave enough to share & I hope it starts a conversation that matters. As it matters deeply to me.

Thank you, with all my love k xo