Where might fear be robbing you of your dreams?

Where might fear be robbing you of your dreams?

As a motivational speaker I often speak on overcoming FEAR. Click the image below to watch a short video clip on this topic.


Some time back, I had an epiphany ‘that everything great in my life has always had fear
attached to it’.

If I think back at say 18 years old when I was traveling on a plane for the first time, or 20 years old going to Europe & traveling around the world on my own, 21 years old entering the real estate industry, being one of the few young female in an industry dominated by senior men twice my age or 2 years ago doing a TEDx talk & sharing my secret with the world.

I was terrified every step of the way, at each of those moments there was great FEAR but every single one of those moments that had fear attached were also the greatest moments of my life. They were the ones that shaped me into who I am today.

But I had to be willing to go through the fear and sit in all the feelings to get through the other side.

If I hadn’t pushed through that fear, I would have had ‘blank spaces’ where all of those life defining & transformational moments were.

I would have had a blank space where travel was, I would have had a blank space where my real estate success was, I would have had a blank space where my TEDx talk was.

More importantly I would not be who I am today, I would be a smaller, lesser, version of myself. I am a fuller, more amazing version of myself.

It has been truly life changing, it has helped me to grow, as I climb these mountains. Each one I climb then gives me a frame of reference for the next time, each one makes you stronger.

For example. I was able to move from Perth to Sydney…so then I go, we’ll now I can move from Sydney to Los Angeles. I was able to leave real estate and become an international motivational speaker and then I go, we’ll I can develop a TV series KirstyTV. We just hit 1.5 million views in 120 countries!

I encourage you to go after your dreams. Don’t let anybody hold you back and most importantly don’t let YOU hold yourself back because it is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves. It is what is in our head that is the ‘inner work’ that we must do to grow & stretch and be our best selves.

So I encourage you all to ‘do the work’ and like a catchy song tune that gets stuck in your head, I want you to hear my voice, when you’re stuck, when you’re afraid when you’re trying to step back from a dream…I want you to hear my voice in your head saying ‘do the work…do the work!’


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