KirstyTV Talk Show Reel – Inspiring Stories That Heal

[youtube][/youtube] Welcome to KirstyTV, a new inspirational talk show about the power of sharing stories. I believe when people share their stories they heal themselves and they heal others. Each week, I interview everyday people, celebrities and experts of all kinds of topics that we all go through in life. Join the conversation. Sign up for the newsletter and find us across our social networks where we chat every day about issues that matter. Some of the topics and amazing Read More

Acne Vulgaris & Her Story Christine Macdonald’s Battle With Extreme Cystic Acne

This week’s guest, Christine Macdonald was diagnosed with a skin disease (at age 14) that left her face severely scarred physically and emotionally.  Her self esteem plummeted, which lead to a stripping career and drug addiction. Now drug free, she openly shares her story on her blog, in her books and on Kirsty TV. Click here to watch our interview. Christine suffered from Grade 4 Acne Vulgaris – “Cystic Acne” – mostly cysts, but also nodules and pustules covering over 80% Read More