World First Topless Magazine Cover With Mastectomy Scars

[youtube][/youtube] [powerpress] Maxine Devereaux is currently fighting triple negative breast cancer stage 3C. She went to five difference doctors before one would validate her intuition that something was terribly wrong. In a world-first, Maxine recently bared her mastectomy scars on the cover of Enspire Magazine, inspiring women with her courageous fight to beat cancer. I ask Maxine, why it was so important to show her scars to the world. She explained, “It was important to me because nobody shows their scars. Read More

Acne Vulgaris & Her Story Christine Macdonald’s Battle With Extreme Cystic Acne

This week’s guest, Christine Macdonald was diagnosed with a skin disease (at age 14) that left her face severely scarred physically and emotionally.  Her self esteem plummeted, which lead to a stripping career and drug addiction. Now drug free, she openly shares her story on her blog, in her books and on Kirsty TV. Click here to watch our interview. Christine suffered from Grade 4 Acne Vulgaris – “Cystic Acne” – mostly cysts, but also nodules and pustules covering over 80% Read More