Living With Grief – Tips From an Expert

Grief is for sure…. we will not escape it.  So, best we surrender to the journey and five years on from my husband dying this is how it feels for me and maybe for you too? For me in my grief the best way I can describe it is we are all in the ocean of grief, all of us that have lost somebody, and when we first get thrown in, we may enter at different places, different kinds of Read More

Tips on Grieving From a Widow and Grief Counselor

I never believed in fairytale love stories until I met my husband. I was 22 years old and the moment we glanced at one another we both knew that there was a rare love between us–the kind of love that held magic in it.  All fairytales sweep us away, but not all have a happy ending.   During our time together our love created a life. When true love comes together to create a life, there is something so powerful in that Read More