Video – Petra Survived Sex Slavery: Healing After Abuse

[youtube][/youtube] [powerpress] “It felt like I was walking around naked screaming for help and no-one could hear me.” My guest Petra Sojka suffered unimaginable cruelty at 16 years old when she was kidnapped while waiting at a bus stop in the Czech Republic. She was taken into the vile underworld that is the sex trade industry. Interviewing Petra is a day I will not forget. Prior the interview, I read her story and cried for days. We all know that Read More

Video – Tracy Broughton Talks About The Power Of Faith

[youtube][/youtube] [powerpress] Tracy Broughton, former Ms. Amercia, mother, entrepreneur, speaker and advocate for people with disabilities has moved mountains with her faith. Her positive nature and strength comes from faith she found within, which is a wisdom she generously instills in her children and shares with anyone she can. Watch the video to get a better idea of what and who this beauty is because I don’t know that I cannot do her enough justice with my words. Here’s a Read More