Shame & Secrets Online Course Video Guide

Shame & Secrets Online Course Video Guide Learn how to liberate yourself from shame & secrets. I’m excited to bring you this online 6-week course. This course is all about the transformational power of truth. This page is meant to serve as a quick video reference of all the videos in the course. I will add videos as we go along each week. These course videos require passwords. Those who are part of the online course will receive the passwords Read More

SHAME-LESS – Find Your Freedom – 6 Week Online Course

STARTS Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 | COST $69 | REGISTER HERE for SHAME-less What is hidden in your life that is keeping your from living a full life? For most people, there is shame and self-judgment lurking in the subconscious corners of our minds. Join Kirsty & life experts and a psychotherapist plus have access to a private online community as we embark on a 6 week journey to find your freedom from your secrets, shame, and stigma.  REGISTER HERE [youtube][/youtube] Read More