Fighting For My Child’s Life: Adopted Parent VS. Biological Parent

Fighting For My Child’s Life: Adopted Parent VS. Biological Parent

Stacey Doss's Story on Kirsty TV

Stacey Doss is an incredible woman who has spent the past 4 years in a bitter custody battle fighting to keep her little girl whom she’s raised since birth. One million dollars later, with mounting legal fees that forced her to file for bankruptcy, she shares her story with us on Kirsty TV.

Stacey’s case was a landmark win in the area of ‘adopted parent vs biological parent’. Today, she has custody not adoption, which always hangs over her head. Nevertheless, she shows unwithering courage in this long fight.

She told me, “I have experienced generosity of human spirit in a way that I have never experienced before.” The outpour of support from her neighbors, friends and strangers alike has been crucial in strengthening her will to save her daughter. People she didn’t even know were sending her money, nieces and neighbors sold cookies and lemonade… little or big, they found a way they could help.

Below was the message she sent out when she decided to go public with her fight.

My name is Stacey Doss. I have been put on this Earth for one reason. To love my daughter Vanessa. I adopted her two years ago, at birth. In that time, I’ve watched her bloom into a happy, healthy, intelligent child. I am her mother. She is my child. The bond is unmistakable. Irreversible. Unbreakable.

Until now.

Vanessa’s biological father, who has been convicted of domestic violence multiple times and has a child endangerment charge on his record, is using the Ohio and California court systems to rip Vanessa from my arms and have her placed in foster care, a man who already has four children, none of which live with him.

I’ve been fighting to keep Vanessa ever since I’ve brought her home. I’ve depleted my savings and endured a lifetime’s worth of stress and suffering. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Vanessa is cared for. Provided for. And loved – every minute of every day.

But now even that is in jeopardy. Children’s services has said they are coming to my house to take Vanessa away. Into foster care. Into the hands of strangers. Two psychologists who are experts in reactive attachment disorder have spent time with us and written reports on the devastating effects a separation would have on Vanessa, breaking her heart and spirit for the rest of her life.

For two years, I’ve fought this battle quietly. No more. I’m ready to go public and expose this unconscionably cruel miscarriage of justice. I’m going to the newspapers. Radio. TV. And you. Anybody and everybody who can spread the word and get decent people aware of Vanessa’s plight.

Please, I’m asking you to help me save my daughter. With your support. Your time. Your donation. And when this is over and Vanessa is safe, I plan to spend the rest of my life working to make sure this does not happen to another child, another mother, ever again.

I’ve raised her. Nurtured her.

How can one mother fight the system? Please, help me fight for my child.

Please contact your legislators urge them to enact laws protecting children in these cases!

Operation Vanessa accepts donations to help cover mounting legal fees, even a small donation can help us fight to keep Vanessa in her loving home. ‘

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