How To Deal With Problems: Are You A Survivor or a Thriver?

How To Deal With Problems: Are You A Survivor or a Thriver?



How to deal with problems and life’s challenges can be easier than you think! Kirsty and friends sit down to discuss the difference between the survivor and the thriver on Kouch Time. 

“It’s how we relate to the issue that is really the issue.” @KirstyTV #KouchTime

“It’s our decision, not our condition.” @KirstyTV #KouchTime

Most people stay in the “why me”. The difference on how people respond to life’s challenges is the difference between the survivor and the thriver. A support system is very valuable and necessary. Coping strategies also help us get through the though times. So how do you get to a point where you see a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow? One thing to remember is “where your thoughts go, your life goes.”

Should we be teaching children coping strategies, meditation and resilience? People who are most happy and resilient, create a happiness habit. They are the ones who move forward.

Watch my interview with Claire Wineland who is an inspiration to all people coping with Cystic Fibrosis and everyday challenges.

She’s the founder of Claire’s Place Foundation, author of her book, ‘Every Breath I Take, Surviving and Thriving With Cystic Fibrosis’, a speaker at TED Talks and a guest on many talk shows.

She has had more surgeries and hospitalizations than she can count and has survived a 17-day coma, yet through all of her many challenges, she continues to spread joy. She has been called a “little Buddha”and a “true old soul.” I hope we can all learn to see life’s challenges and problems through Claires eyes. To get to a place of acceptance and gratitude for all that this wonderous life is here to teach us the good and the bad. is a safe place for anyone to share their story without judgement. We love and support everyone who is part of our ‘Kommunity‘ and love for everyone to get involved. So please join the conversation below or on any of my social media sites. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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