Get Closure While You Still Can and Let Go When It’s Time – K Expert (Video)

Get Closure While You Still Can and Let Go When It’s Time – K Expert (Video)



Getting closure and letting go at the end of life makes for a peaceful and beautiful transition. Learn how to make it a beautiful goodbye on this episode of Kirsty TV. My guest Therese Gibson is such an expert in her field as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Palliative Care, that I’ve invited her to chat with me a little more.

So much of it becomes about ourselves, our grief, even after someone has passed. Therese says, “Grieving is a natural process.” When family first starts to grieve, it always starts with tears that express how much they loved that person. It then transitions to how beautiful that person was. You have to be careful with grief, Therese warns, “After the tears, don’t shift it into a joyful grieving. You can go down that slippery slope and it can be very dark.”

It all depends on the family dynamics, their strength and realistic approach to life. People who have a hard time letting go are the ones who didn’t have closure and tend to be the ones that want “everything” done to that patient; feeding tubes, etc. They aren’t ready to let them go and are hanging on.

A lot of people have unfinished business. How do they get closure? Therese suggests saying anything they need to say to them, because hearing is the last thing to go. Even if they are unconscious, they can hear.

With end of life, most of the time, the treatments are for the family. The lesson for families would be to be ready to let them go if possible, but know that there is no right or wrong in Palliative Medicine.

All in all, Therese Gibson says it’s about acceptance and love. Accept their disease process, don’t be afraid of it.

I hope for all of you watching who may be going through an end of life transition, that you understand that it can a beautiful, natural part of life. Or if you are family or a loved one of someone going through that transition, that you understand the importance of the energy that you bring into the room.

Coping with death is something we all face at some point in life. Some of your questions about death are answered in our first interview. To watch my first interview with Therese click here

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