How To Celebrate The Lives of Our Loved Ones in a Beautiful Way (Video)

How To Celebrate The Lives of Our Loved Ones in a Beautiful Way (Video)



To celebrate the lives of our loved ones in a beautiful way, is a healthy an peaceful way to let go. Kirsty and friends discuss how to say goodbye to our loved ones in a way that honors them and helps us let go. Join us on the Kouch for a chat!

Life and death–who has had an experience with it? I haven’t yet, but my Grandfather is at that age where we are starting to look at nursing and care. My friends have had experiences with a loved one’s passing, so they share with us their personal experiences with their grandparent’s transition.

Michelle Patterson starts the sharing by telling her experience of her Grandmother’s last months. She lived with Michelle’s family for 9 years, so it was very tough. She was so close to her children and basically took care of everyone. Her Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, so they had 5 months with her. Hospice was there to help and it was a wonderful time for them to share memories and take video of her last months.

How great would it be to say that your loved one had a beautiful death?

Allan’s Grandmother died much in the way she lived her life. She knew she had days to live, so she called everyone that she loved in and they all came. She spent one-on-one time with each of them, asked them if they had anything they wanted to ask her, complimented each one of them and finally, gave them each advice. When she finally went, they were all standing around her bed, holding hands and watched her take her last breath.

What’s wonderful, is that death can be a spiritual experience. During my interview with Family Nurse Practitioner in Palliative Care, Therese Gibson I learned that birth is seen as such a celebration, but death is ignored. Watch my interview with Therese here.

The way we handle death has changed. It’s modern custom to hand off our deceased to someone else to deal with, so perhaps we are missing out on that grieving and letting go process. What do you think? Also, it’s common to place our elderly in nursing homes, so there’s even another disconnect and separation there.

Closure is so important and a peaceful, beautiful death is a big part of that. Death can be a teacher if we allow it to be. If we can put our differences aside, we can make it a beautiful experience for them and for us. is a safe place for anyone to share their story without judgement. We love and support everyone who is part of our ‘Kommunity‘ and love for everyone to get involved. So please join the conversation below or on any of my social media sites. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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