How To Forgive Someone Who’s Hurt Us – Kouch Time On Kirsty TV

How To Forgive Someone Who’s Hurt Us – Kouch Time On Kirsty TV



How do I forgive someone who has hurt me so much? We all have asked ourselves that and want to know how we can move through those hard times and life altering events? Kirsty and friends discuss how to forgive when it’s hard.

Sometimes intervention and counseling is essential, because there a need to form a new sense of security. Forgiveness is also key. Lisa tells us, “The forgiveness first has to be against the person that perpetrated these awful acts. It’s hard understand the concept that once we release the forgiveness for our own judgements, it’s easier to release the other person. We’re not letting the person off the hook. We don’t forget. We’re deciding the be healthier and happier and in order to do that, we need to forgive.”

Chappale Burton, a guest on Kirsty TV went through childhood trauma and abuse which lead him on a journey of forgiveness as he grew into adolescence. He for example, literally started to consider why his offenders hurt him. He understood empathy was a tool he could use to understand forgiveness. To watch his interview,Witnessed the Murder of His Parents as a Child, Chappale Learned How To Forgive The Assailant, click here.

Some tweetables from this Kouch Time episode –

We must first forgive the judgement we hold against the perpetrator. #KirstyTV

The person who commits the crime is in as much, if not more pain. #KirstyTV

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