Custom Rap Song – The Best $5 I Have Ever Spent On Marketing Custom Rap Song – The Best $5 I Have Ever Spent On Marketing



I have no idea what possessed me to order a $5 custom rap song on It was like one of those late night informercial moments when you end up with a snuggie.  But this crazy idea ended up being one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. It was by far the BEST $5 I have ever invested in marketing! I am certainly a new fan.

When I received the 1 minute rap song I laughed out loud! It was so hilarious to hear a rap about my business. I thought it was so cleverly done and so funny, that I just had to get a music video created to go with it, as it had to be shared. 

That’s where the fun began. I enlisted my producer buddy on his day off to come hang at the local mall & film a rap music video. First of all, I am not a rapper so I had to undergo a transformation… 

Cap on backwards? Check!

Aviator sunglasses? Check!

Gold Chains? Check! 

Rap Music Video Parody KirstyTV

 Kirsty acting a fool for her rap music video paraody

Grillz? Aluminum foil on your teeth makes for an awesome makeshift set of grillz. Check!

Let’s go…

So I was feeling and looking totally ridiculous as we entered the stores. I really am surprised that we weren’t asked to leave. Juicy Couture; velvet yellow tracksuit, Michael Kors; arms of gold watches, and so on and so on.

I went above and beyond when I recruited a young black man who looked like a rapper to join me. He was only to happy to accommodate and even taught me a new rapper move! The bernie.  

Hip Hop Dance Move - Rap Parody on YouTube

The whole day I laughed soooooooooo hard it hurt. And then when I saw the edited clip for the 1st time I died laughing. So I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it. 

Making the music video to my custom rap song was only the beginning. I decided to spread the fun even further and get some raps songs made for friends, popular YouTube vloggers, and celebrities, so they to could have their own rap songs! So, this week I will be sharing their songs and running a sharing contest.  All anyone has to do to win some great prizes like ‘your own song’ or the badass “COOL” rapper necklace that I wore in the video (and don’t want to give up because I love it) is share any post from this week that is on my KirstyTV Facebook page or retweet any of my tweets from the KirstyTV Twitter page @Kirsty. We will be watching & the top 5 sharers will win! Go to this page for more details on the prizes. Competition closes Saturday Midnight PST.

Watch my K Diary video where I talk about transforming into a rapper and how it’s such a great creative marking tool.

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