Gay at Eight Years Old & Learning to Accept It

Gay at Eight Years Old & Learning to Accept It

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Lonnell Williams is a LGBT advocate and supporter it is his life’s work to change the stigma attached to many in this community but especially for black african american gay men. He has a huge heart and spirit to help others. 

He shares with us, his own personal story of coming out as a gay man; the highs and lows of the journey. How he told his father that he was gay and how he came to accept that he was gay.

His  online show, Pillow Talk is so fun–he holds interviews in his bed!! “Stand in your light”, is the catch cry of his show ‘3LWTV’ which focuses on LGBT. What is LGBT? It’s an acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. 3LWTV hopes to change the way gays are being portrayed in the media.

Lonnell knew that he had a same sex attraction when he was about 8 or 9 years old. He never really acted on it, he just knew it was there. It wasn’t until he was 21 that he came out. He internalized that pain because he had shame and guilt attached to his sexuality. Although a lot of his friends supported him, some did not. Lonnell tells us more about how he and others handled those early years of his coming out– the before and after.

He tells us about the first time he fell in love with a guy and the pain that accompanied that beautiful experience because of the lack of social acceptance and understanding of homosexuality. He felt so much inner pain, that he reached a point where he just couldn’t care anymore. Sometimes other’s reactions weren’t in fact the horrible relationship-severing news he thought it would be. He goes on to share how is father reacted to the news.

To others out there who are dealing with something similar, Lonnell Williams says, “You have to know that you are worthy.”

Lonnell noticed that gay men were being stereotyped, and wanted to show the world what the vast majority of gay men are really like. Since he has decided to do 3LWTV and the Pillow Talk series, he had the privilege to meet Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Iyanla Vanzant. He tells us all about how he  originally connected with Oprah via twitter & the exciting moment!

Super Soul Sunday is a favorite of both Lonnell and mine! & on Sundays you can find us tweeting away with other Super Soulers & OWN supporters. Oprah tweeted Lonnell in response to his supportive tweets of the OWN Network and really engaged with him. She called him a “carrier of the light” and their tweets eventually led to a meeting! August 12th marks the anniversary of when Lonnell met Oprah, fulfilling a dream of his.  Check out Oprah’s OWN Network for some phenomenal shows and topics.

Some “tweetables” from our interview with Lonnell Williams or ‘tweet tweets’ as O says:

When you do come out to your family, you have to give them the time to adjust & process it. #KirstyTV

My prayers went from petitioning God to speaking the answer & surrendering to the process. #KirstyTV

I was in the habit of telling God how to bless me. But my thinking is so much more limited than the creator’s. #KirstyTV

Surrender to that which is greator than yourself. #KirstyTV

What you resist, persists. #Surrender #KirstyTV

Own your worthiness. #KirstyTV

Being ordinary is extraordinary when you honor your truth. #KirstyTV    (My favorite kx)

AND THIS is an exercise he use to do when he was deeply depressed.  He had these notes on his mirror.

I am loving.

I am lovable.

I am love.

He read them aloud until he started to believe them.

Learn more about 3LWTV and watch as some of the hottest men and women climb in bed to tell Lonnell all! No subject is off limits…or is it? 

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For fun as part of a fiverr campaign (best $5 spent on marketing) I made Lonnell his own 3LWTV rap song. It’s pretty funny. I did it after I had made one for KirstyTV for $5 on It was so hilarious to listen to my own rap, that I thought he might get a kick out of having one too–and he did. 

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