How to Be and Stay Happy – Tips from a Happiness Expert

How to Be and Stay Happy – Tips from a Happiness Expert



How to stay happy is our topic today as we discuss the science of happiness with K Expert, Lisa Cypers Kamen. She is an international Happiness Expert, a Positive Psychology Coach, Speaker and Author. Lisa is the leader of a group called, Harvesting Happiness which helps people cultivate happiness and sustainable well-being in their lives. An extension of that wonderful group is Harvesting Happiness for Heroes which is a non-profit that does programming for veterans who are transitioning back home from service.

The funny thing about happiness is that it can exist alongside adversity. Sometimes people express guilt about being happy during a difficult time, but Lisa tells us that we must capture some happiness in the present because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Recognize the present moment and our strength to create a thriving life. #KirstyTV

People often think that happiness is conditional. They say, “When I get rich, when I get thin, when I find the perfect mate…” Those good fortunes only add a temporary spike of happiness in our lives. Like when we go shopping and buy a great pair of shoes, but it’s not sustainable. We’re talking about teaching skills that really help sustain well-being. Such as practicing gratitude and serving by using our strengths to make this world a better place. It helps us to be a part of the world instead of the center of it.

Happy people tend to live longer because they’re not under as much physical stress. #KirstyTV

Happy people have a resilience because they can cope with the stress which doesn’t allow for it to roost in illness as much. Happy people make better partners, employees, they spend more money, are better parents and are more fun to be around!

Glean those small moments of joy and remember to practice gratitude. #KirstyTV

Thanks to your wonderful K Expert: Lisa Cypers Kamen, of Harvesting Happiness.

My hope is that you hear something universal Lisa’s expert advice about being and staying happy. Perhaps you will realize, you are not alone… I want for everyone to be at peace with who they are (warts and all) and to learn, grow & heal.

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