What To Do When Fear Tells You To Stop Chasing Your Dreams

What To Do When Fear Tells You To Stop Chasing Your Dreams


Living your dreams! It’s a bit of a roller coaster when you are on the entrepreneurial path or you are living your boldest dreams. There are inevitable ups and downs. You don’t always know why, but something will come up, usually fear. You may second guess yourself and think that you can’t continue on this path, which is completely normal!

In one of my past K Diary videos called, ‘Pre Launch Jitters Of KirstyTV ‘Kmart Meltdown‘, I was a little teary and emotional. I realized that I was feeling insecure about launching my own show (KirstyTV). Whatever it might be in your world, if you are feeling afraid and anxious about it all being perfect, at those times you need to lower your expectations and self love. You need to nurture yourself, surround yourself with good people and keep going for it one step at a time. Keep exercising that belief muscle!

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