Fear That You’re Not Good Enough?

Fear That You’re Not Good Enough?



Fear that you’re not good enough? Self pity is addictive. “It’s like this drug that makes us small and believe that we aren’t enough. And that at least we’ll get other peoples sympathy, pity and validation. They give us a distant cousin of love, but it’s not love, it’s sorrow. It’s feeling sorry for you. And we as human beings wither and die when we live with self pity.” 

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The lesson that took me to learn the longest was that when you love yourself, everything else falls into place.  

Lowest moments. “I think one of my lowest moments was self-frustration when I was 30 years old. I wanted love and to travel with the love of my life. I didn’t have anyone in my life and I was ready to throw it away and then I met my wife.  

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Fear. “Fear is an interesting, little tricky devil. It can either destroy you or make you sharp. It can either drive you insane and cause self-medication or it can make you break out of your comfort zone and never look back.”

My message to the world. “You are enough. Don’t buy the hype of your fears and insecurities that you’re not enough because you are. And if you can learn to love yourself, everything else works out.”

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Suicide. “If you want to kill yourself, listen to me right now. You have that choice, you do, but I don’t think you really want to die. I think what you want is to get out of pain. And I think what you want is to have a different life than you do now. I’m just going to lovingly going to tell you to hang in there. Find something that lights you up and go after it. Even if it takes you a while. Just jumping out of this existence because it hurts right now is not the answer. You have something for me and humanity. Please stay with us.”

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