Mental Health – Her Suicide and Eating Disorder Battle

[youtube][/youtube] [powerpress] Mental Health and Janine’s Life-Long Struggles and Successes Mental health issues is something that my guest, Janine Francolini struggled with for years. In her mid teens, this developed into an eating disorder and by 17 years old, she was hospitalized after her first suicidal attempt. After years of struggling with mental health, she is here today to share her story. The trauma began at age 7, under the torment of a teacher, she would cry every day. Having been Read More

Fear That You’re Not Good Enough?

[youtube][/youtube] [powerpress] Fear that you’re not good enough? Self pity is addictive. “It’s like this drug that makes us small and believe that we aren’t enough. And that at least we’ll get other peoples sympathy, pity and validation. They give us a distant cousin of love, but it’s not love, it’s sorrow. It’s feeling sorry for you. And we as human beings wither and die when we live with self pity.”         The lesson that took me to learn the longest Read More