Courage Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon ‘Best Keynote Speaker’

Courage Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon ‘Best Keynote Speaker’

Courage Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon uses that one word as the premise of her 3 topics. That one words is the focus of the 3 COURAGE topic’s that international speaker Kirsty Spraggon speaks on. See below details on all 3 programs or click here to watch some videos of Kirsty live on stage speaking about courage.

Courage To Succeed –  Personal Leadership & Mindset


Self awareness is the key to self mastery, dealing with change & achieving success. Having the courage to look within to overcome our fears and to climb our personal mountains takes work though. Self work. Yet many struggle to see which limiting beliefs, doubts & fears are holding them back, which skills they need to go to the next level or which weak links may need repairing so that they can be the most effective leader, sales person or business owner.

Kirsty believes that everyone is capable of doing something extraordinary in their lives and that the biggest obstacle to success is OURSELVES. Through moving stories and inspirational & practical examples, she gives everyone in the room a little courage, leaving them inspired, empowered and equipped to climb their own mountains.

Key Learnings:

  • Identify which barriers you are facing right now.
  • Understand how you can push through them.
  • Learn simple, practical techniques to build your courage.
  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your full potential. 


Courage To Succeed
Courage To Succeed – Motivational Keynote Speaker Kirsty Spraggon


Kirsty’s other topics on Courage are; Courage To Connect & Courage To Be YOU.

Courage To Be YOU – Personal Leadership

Research shows that one of the biggest fears that leaders have, is ‘what will others think of me’. This is a universal fear for  human beings, often manifesting as a fear of being seen, an inability to show up fully & authentically, causing people to disconnect, retreat, shrink and play small. How can we lead others if we can’t lead ourselves? 

In this keynote, Kirsty shares her personal experience discovering the transformational power of truth, and talks about how through allowing ourselves to feel our pain, embrace our fears, and by standing toe to toe with our deepest truths our lives can transform, enabling us  to be the most effective leaders.

Through modeling vulnerability on stage. Kirsty laid the groundwork for people to deal with their own fears. Audience members opened up & shared things with each that you never dreamed you would come to a conference & hear…. her session set a tone of vulnerability throughout the event.”

Key Learnings:

  • Understand that your desire to heal must be greater than your fear.
  • Learn how emotional vulnerability can strengthen relationships.
  • Stretch yourself and be willing to see things through a new lens.
  • Identify where fear may be holding you back.

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“Simply one of the best speakers I’ve seen…” – Sotheby’s International Realty

“She empowered the audience to overcome our fears and challenged us to dream big!”  XEROX – TWA

Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon is, “Simply one of the best speakers I’ve seen…

Courage To Succeed – Sales & Communications


Fewer things matter more than our ability to connect, influence and build meaningful relationships. In this keynote, Kirsty shares how her success, spanning 2 decades and ranking her in the top 100 of 120,000 sales agents worldwide, was built on the power of relationships.

She believes that strong relationships have the ability to fast track and leverage our success in a way that nothing else can match. Great relationships can increase our sales astronomically, but they also have the power to enrich our life with business and personal relationships that lead to lifetime connections of repeat and referral business.

Her personal style has always been high touch and here she shares the specifics on relationship selling.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn the 3 key ways to build strong connections quickly.
  • Understand the power of lifetime relationships.
  • Identify strategies for retaining customers for life.
  • Develop your skills around building trust & empathy.

For more information on Kirsty Spraggon or to see her live in action click here. 

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Courage Motivational Speaker