Female Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon Live

Female Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon Live

Female motivational speakerFemale Motivational Speaker –

If that is what you’re looking for at your next convention then Kirsty Spraggon is the speaker to wow your  conference attendees.

When clients are specifically wanting to have a woman speak Kirsty is always at the top of the list. She is motivational, inspirational, authentic and high energy. This Aussie speaker is based in the US and is guaranteed to hit a home run at your next event.

You can see in the multiple videos below, that showcase Kirsty and how she brings a deep vulnerability and authenticity to her work on stage. Speaking on a range of topics with COURAGE being the common theme.

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Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon is, “Simply one of the best speakers I’ve seen…” 

“She empowered the audience to overcome our fears and challenged us to dream big!”  XEROX – TWA

“Her energy is infectious…” – Meeting Professionals International

Here Kirsty speaks on Overcoming Fear;


Here Kirsty speaks on Facing our Fears:


Here Kirsty speaks on Vulnerability In The Workplace:


“Kirsty had my clients mesmerized!” – National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

“Kirsty drew the biggest turnout we’ve ever had” – KPMG – Sue King Partner

Kirsty Spraggon has been featured on TEDx, in Fox Business, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and The Today Show to name a few. Check out her press page here.

The best keynote speaker for your convention or event, Kirsty speaks all over the world on inspirational and motivational topics including: How to live your best life, achieve your dreams and succeed as an entrepreneur.

Is there something in your life that you desire? Can we change through experiences? Learn, grow and stretch ourselves? It is possible for all of us to transform our lives whether it be personally or professionally.

Kirsty will share her personal story and the keys to her success. With 20 years experience in every facet of the sales industry, her outstanding career saw her ranked in the top 1% of individuals in RE/MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents worldwide.

The Queen of Reinvention. She has lived in 6 cities, traveled to over 40 countries, become a real estate phenomenon, speaker, author and now talk show host. She shares what it really takes to dream big, go after your dreams and how to make them happen.


Inspiring and Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon shares insights of success:

“We can achieve anything if we can overcome our mindset.” – Kirsty Spraggon

“I think in this fast paced day of digital communication and technology, we’ve stopped choosing to connect. – Kirsty Spraggon

“We have to be willing to be courageous. That’s where the magic happens.” – Kirsty Spraggon

“Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. So, you have the power!” – Kirsty Spraggon

“It’s so hard sometimes to be vulnerable, to really look at what’s not working for us.” – Kirsty Spraggon

“Martin Luther King Jr. did not say, “I have a strategic plan,” he said, “I have a dream.” – Kirsty Spraggon

“The desire to heal has to be greater than your fear.” – Kirsty Spraggon

“I hope that you all get to the top of your mountain and that you get to see the view from the top.” – Kirsty Spraggon

Audiences love Kirsty’s contagious energy and say, “You can’t help but get caught up in her wonderful enthusiasm and positive outlook on life.” Expect high doses of fun, interaction, and engagement. As a professional speaker, she adds a refreshing approach to any event.

Kirsty’s sessions are energetic, dynamic and inspiring. She is easy to work with on and off the platform and will be a fabulous contribution to your next event or convention.