Dr. Ken Druck On Self Compassion During Loss

Dr. Ken Druck On Self Compassion During Loss



“If we can be patient, understanding and encouraging with ourselves, we will rise up out of the ashes.”

I’m so glad I was able to catch up with Dr. Ken Druck and soak in some wisdoms about loss and the importance of self compassion and self care.

Ken Druck’s life changed dramatically in 1996 after the tragic death of his oldest daughter, Jenna. Since then, he has become a lifeline for thousands of families who have suffered a loss. He is one of the nation’s pioneers in personal transformation including healing after loss and most recently, the art of turning adversity into opportunity.

These are some of my favorite “tweetables” during our interview:

Our life as we knew it was over & now we get to decide what we are going to do with the rest of our lives. #KirstyTV

When we are fighting for our lives at the beginning of grief it’s like we are on life support and we must learn self care. #KirstyTV

There is no more room for self criticism and self judgement. #SelfCompassion #KirstyTV

How have you self loved, after a loss? What helped you or someone you know during and after mourning or grieving? 

Ken’s on Facebook and on Twitter @KenDruck! Or learn more about him on his website.

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