Childhood Obesity and How I Made It Out of that Dark Place

Childhood Obesity and How I Made It Out of that Dark Place



My old roommate sits down for an impromptu chat and opens up about her private struggle as an obese child who was bullied and alone. She felt hopeless and lost which led to an eating disorder in her teens. Kristina finally found help and hope through great mentors and girlfriends.

Kristina’s childhood issues stemmed from illness, obesity, parental turmoil and low self esteem. As a child, she was very sad and knew there was something better for her. She felt lost, but held fast to that little voice inside that told her she was worth more.

As a child, Kristina didn’t know how to voice her feelings so she turned to food for comfort. Being an obese child lead into bullying and later to an eating disorder, anorexia bulimia.

I was the biggest kid in the classroom. #KirstyTV #childhoodobesity

I knew that ‘food is love’, so that’s how I coped. #KirstyTV #childhoodobesity #obesity

I couldn’t express my feelings so I ate. #KirstyTV #children

As a teen – I knew I needed to change but didn’t know how. #teenobesity #KirstyTV

Obesity turned into and eating disorder to try and gain some control. #eatingdisorder #KirstyTV

‘It was my way of controlling my world.” #eatingdisorder #obesity #KirstyTV

Kristina shares with us how she was able to get out of that hopeless and lonely place as a teen. In college she met an incredible professor who became her mentor. That was also the time in her life where she first met women who were great examples for her, such as doctors and leaders in her community. Kristina breaks down the steps she took to get to a better place.

How do you get to another place:

1. Baby steps
2. Good friends who support you where you are and don’t expect more from you.
3. Goal setting, small successes

A lot of people don’t grow up with a supportive family and mentors, so just know that if you don’t have those people in your life you can find them. It is NEVER TOO LATE. Later in life Kristina increased her associations and found those mentors and girlfriends who helped turn her life around. Finding other people to encourage you can help you leaps and bounds.

“I have been where you’ve been. Let me show you the way.” #Mentors #KirstyTV

“Know there are growing pains along the way.” #quote #childhoodobesity #KirstyTV

Don’t get stuck in the unfortunate happenings in your life. Let them be your motivation. Like Kristina, you can help others.

YOU CAN DO IT DIVA! Yes you can.

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