Deepest Secrets Revealed In Viral Music Video To Mary Lambert’s Song

Deepest Secrets Revealed In Viral Music Video To Mary Lambert’s Song


The ‘Secrets’ song, has taken the world by storm. Mary Lambert shared her secrets with the world and now we are sharing ours. Join us in erasing the stigma and share your secret too! Use #SoWhat and post your secrets on facebook, twitter or instagram. Tag us at @KirstyTV.

If you aren’t ready to share your secret, you can still support us by sharing these women’s secrets. Sharing our deepest secrets gives other people “permission” to do the same and let go of shame. Be a light for someone else and pass on this brave message.

Shame Researcher, Brene Brown shared in her TED talk that, “Shame is highly correlated with addiction, depression, violence, aggression, bullying, suicide, and eating disorders.”

Mary Lambert Song 2014

I believe that you are only as sick as your secrets and that when we share our stories/secrets, we heal ourselves and we heal others. When we release the guilt and shame of our dirty little secrets they become our pretty little secrets. After I gave my TEDx talk, ‘You’re Only As Sick as Your Secrets’, strangers, viewers and close friends alike said, “Me too.” When Mary Lambert’s song, ‘Secrets’ came out, several people sent it to me and I can’t get it out of my head! Have you heard the ‘Secrets’ song? My friends and I had so much fun sharing our secrets and making this music video in celebration of self love, erasing stigma and shame.

Mary Lambert Secrets

It was such an amazing experience filming this video with some of my closest friends. Peggy shared how she had been suicidal at a time in her life, Kristina was bulimic, others raped, depressed, or dealing with dysfunctional families. I shared my own pretty little secret. I am so proud of everyone who was courageous enough to share their deepest secrets. Every time someone shares their secret, it helps someone else who is hiding and suffering in shame.

Pretty Little Secret

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