Video Sneak Peek – Skin Disorder To Stripping

[youtube][/youtube] As a girl or woman, I think all of us at some stage have felt not pretty enough or wanted to change something about the way we look. Christine’s story taught me that we don’t all get a choice and that we don’t all have control over that. For Christine, it was a skin disorder, for others it can be as simple as aging and weight gain or as severe as being a burn victim. So life happens and Read More

Scarred, But Not For Life: A Skin Disease Led Her Life To Spiral Out Of Control

I want you to meet my friend and guest, Christine Macdonald (pictured above in the yellow thong and totally awesome 80’s hair).  Christine is an author, speaker and self diagnosed recovering narcissist. She is also extremely brave to share with the world, details of her past in hopes of helping others.   At age 14, Christine was diagnosed with a skin disease that left her face severely scarred. By 19 she was working as an exotic dancer and by 21 was a drug addict. Read More