Allan Takes Off His Shirt For The Ladies Behind The Scenes

Allan Takes Off His Shirt For The Ladies Behind The Scenes


Meet my friends Shay, Jules and Allan who are some of my most regular Kouch Time guests. This behind the scenes footage is a glimpse into why I love these smart and funny people! You can see how they believe that discussions on topics that we cover like addiction and overcoming tragedy are important ones to have.

Shay Moore is an entrepreneur/humanitarian, writer/producer/lyricist, who believes we all should be a beacon of light at the end of a lonely tunnel for anyone that is suffering. Her motto is, “See you on the front lines!”

Jules Bruff is an award winning actress and filmmaker.  She is also an actor career consultant and mental health advocate.

Allan is a fitness trainer and performer who brings to the table his first-hand experience with addiction.

Stay tuned to for full episodes of our interviews, when our talk show launches in March 2013. We will be sharing inspirational stories from our interviews with everyday people, celebrities and experts.

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