Children Are Human Too: Children’s Rights

Children Are Human Too: Children’s Rights

Fact About Children's Rights on Kirsty TV

‘Under the law, children have long been regarded as the PROPERTY of their parents. State statutes and case law nationwide protect the constitutional rights of parents, often disregarding the rights of children. What is now common knowledge among professionals and the general public with respect to the importance of loving, appropriate child rearing, is generally not reflected in the law.– Parenthood in America

Stacey’s story was another interview that taught me so much about our world. I had no idea how many children are not being protected and that the US court system doesn’t currently have a law that protects the best interest of the child. It focuses on the biological parent, not who or what is best. There are children being placed back in the hands of dangerous people who have little to no interest in lovingly raising a child. It’s scary and heartbreaking and more needs to be done as there are so many people out there who want a child and would take care of them.  

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