Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem

Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem



What is self esteem and how can we improve our self confidence? Kristina Johnson has been running self esteem workshops for 11 years for people dealing with issues from domestic violence to obesity. 

What is self esteem? Self esteem is how you view yourself.  

How does one recognize if they have low self esteem? Kristina explains that it can be discovered when a person examines their internal dialogue. In other words, ask yourself what you are saying to yourself. That can be hard to pin point if you don’t have that external trigger helping you reflect and consider your thoughts. Those external triggers are usually our friends who lift us up. A trigger can even be strangers we pass on the street. Ask yourself what you think of others as they pass by. Do you automatically think negative thoughts or do you see the positive? When you see the negative in other people, it’s usually an indicator of your insecurities manifesting themselves in observing those same traits in others. 

How do we protect ourselves from developing low self esteem? We have to become our best friends. We have to start loving our imperfections because the truth is that our imperfections make up perfect.

“The journey starts within us.” #KirstyTV #KExpert

To avoid that dark place of self loathing that could eventually lead to hurting yourself or even suicide, Kristina shares some tips: For every negative thought, state 3 positives. The minute you say to yourself, “I’m so fat.” Say to yourself, “I am beautiful. I can do this.  I can control of my life.” And if you don’t believe those positives, fake it ’til you make it! 

“If you can’t believe it, nobody else is going to believe it.” #KirstyTV #KExpert

Connecting with yourself is the most important connection. If you aren’t able to start looking at yourself and connecting, start writing. Writing is a safe place and great place to start building your self esteem and confidence.

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