How To Build Self Esteem With Self Love – Kouch Time

How To Build Self Esteem With Self Love – Kouch Time



Building self esteem starts with self love. Confidence and loving yourself suffers when you are picked on, called names and bullied… it’s not always the words that hurt the most, but the energy behind them. Adolescence seems to be the time that we are bullied or cut down the most and the time when what others think is most important to us.

Being able to look at yourself and love yourself is so important. Some people struggle with low self esteem and we as a community, family, friends, can help build that self esteem by something as simple as giving compliments. Did you know that giving someone a compliment triggers the same reward center in the brain as cash? Watch my 1 minute video on the power of compliments

Can you list three good things about yourself? It’s become so normal for us to be awfully critical about ourselves. We live in a time of selfies and filters. To help illustrate how harsh we are on ourselves, I posted an album on the Kirsty TV Facebook wall of several photos I wouldn’t normally post, where I felt old, wrinkly or fat. It’s called, ‘I see the ugly in this. What do you see?‘ And I opened the wall to allow others to post photos they don’t like about themselves, pointing out what they saw. It’s so apparent that everyone looks beautiful in their photos and that we don’t see the wrinkles or double chin like our own worst enemy does (ourselves). 

Self love and self acceptance is something Peggy O’Neill struggled with for many years due to low self esteem. Peggy was a guest on our show this week, she was born a little person. She’s gone on to become an inspirational speaker, author and psychotherapist and she shares a message of how to love what’s difficult in yourself. See my blog post about Peggy’s interview and self love and watch our interview, Self Love Saved Her From Suicide.

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